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About Us

We would not allow a student to get in the driver’s seat of a car without requiring driver’s education, and yet we allow our citizens to enter the complex financial world without any financial education.

At JHILS we work to simplify, remove the jargon, explain the concepts related to money that an ordinary Indian faces, to make them money aware as Awareness Empowers!

Our Blog:

Our Blog focuses on specific money and investment related topics which we come across such as Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Fixed Deposits, Income Tax, EPF, PPF, Credit, Debt, Loans etc. As we are not from financial background we write in a simple language, with pictures and appropriate images so that you get a complete picture.
Mind Behind This Blog:

Hi, I am Deepak Agrawal, the Founder of JHILS - Jai Hind Investment & LifeCare Services from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. I am a graduate from a non-financial background. In fact, when I completed my Engineering Degree I never though that one day I would write on topics of finance.

But this is true that somewhere deep inside, I had special liking for economics, finance, investment, money management etc.

From my childhood days I like numbers. Fortunately studies were my strong point, and I used to do very well with numbers. I used to calculate very well with even complicated calculations. Playing with numbers was my first liking.

I realized my liking for ‘writing’ quite late. I realized it when I started writing some social articles and poems.

Today I love Blogging. I love writing for my readers. I do not seem to get tired when I am blogging.

I am a very big fan and lover of books and I truly believe “Books Are Our Best Friends.” Generally I read Biographies, Novels, Inspirational, Motivational, Entrepreneurship, Mythological books. One day I got hold of a book which one of my best friend suggested me to read in year 2013. It was a small book with its cover named 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'. This book changed my life. It was an eye opener for me. My liking for personal finance and investment only grew from there. Thanks to Mr. Robert Kiyosaki for writing such an inspirational book.

In February 2016, I cleared the exam of Life Insurance and became a LIC Advisor. I never recommended or gave any of the LIC policy for my personal benefits. I always use to do need analysis for my clients and then with proper plan combinations I recommend them the best plan suitability for them. And, people really liked my Financial Planning and started Investing their hard earned money under my advice in order to secure their family and to meet financial goals.

Today, I am dealing not only in LIC but also in Health Insurance, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Fixed Deposits and much more.

Finally, My liking for ‘writing’ and ‘finance’ converged into one and then the birth of my blog www.jhils.com took birth in my mind.

Our Mission:

I want to give ‘Financial Independence’ to all my valuable clients so that they can live freely with out worrying for their future liabilities as well as retirement. Financial Planning works like a search light for me. It has given a direction and purpose to my life.

I have a special liking for equity linked investments tools especially Mutual Funds. I realized early that investment does not mean just ‘buying and selling units’. I also referred other books on investment. I read about security analysis, portfolio diversification, equity & debt, gold, real estate, reading financial statements etc. The concept of systematic investing is something that I really follow for myself.

I have also realized that very few credible contents are available on the internet about investment. I wanted to share my investment realization with my readers. It was then that a tagline first struck my mind. And this tag explains what investment at JHILS means to us, “For A Secured & Wealthier Tomorrow…”

For me, reading, investment and blogging fuels each other. The more I am reading the more effectively I am investing and guiding my clients on path of Financial Freedom. Effective investment motivates me to write a useful blog for my readers. I must admit that the whole cycle of reading, investing and blogging gives me immense satisfaction. This blog has allowed me to blend all my passions into one. All of my blogging and investing skills are self taught. I try to keep my expressions in my blog as real as possible. I keep updating my old contents as and when I realize new things.

I am spending lot of time researching and refining my investing skills. I have a goal of achieving financial independence for myself. I have realized that investment of money is ‘my way’ of achieving financial independence. Now a stage has come into my life where everything I do is for achievement of that ultimate goal. Every single article I write in my blog is my learning that brings me one step closer to my goal.

In case you want to contact me, do mail me here: jhilsindia@gmail.com

Happy Investing!

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